Meet the Band

Matthew Newland

Matthew Newland was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he was introduced to the guitar at the young age of twelve. Coming from a family of entertainers, Matthew was a born-natural, quickly mastering the guitar. Forming a band with his two brothers, “The Newlands,” gave Matthew an opportunity to develop as a musician and play his originals. The Newlands were a local hit, receiving air time on both AM and FM radio. Being a single father, Matthew ventured out on his own, traveling to London, England, to pursue his passion for music and song-writing, with the blessing of his sons, Matthew Jr. and Chris (also a professional songwriter). Shortly after arriving in England, he formed a band known simply as “Newland.” “Newland” rocked Guildford, a town in Surrey, London, as well as other surrounding towns in England. Again, Matthew’s music was well-respected, receiving airplay throughout the UK. Currently, Matthew resides in Florida and is ready to move on to a new and exciting venture. With his flamboyant style, and clothes, Matthew will transform into Jimi Hendrix! “Gimi Jimi,” a Jimi Hendrix tribute band is a natural fit for this seasoned musician!

Dave Allrad

Dave has many years of experience in bands from T- shirts to tuxedos, and everything in between . It is hard to believe his first guitar had no strings,but it was enough to inspire a life long affair with music . Bands where Dave has made his presence known through the years include : Kashmir, Think Floyd, Who’s Who, and many others ! Dave is accomplished and exciting to watch,and fond of reminding everyone . “The one that makes you move is the one that makes you groove !

Mike Somers

Mike Somers is a dedicated drummer excited about paying tribute to the groundbreaking styles of Mitch Mitchell and the solid pocket grooves of Buddy Miles. Each drummer brought a unique perspective, originality, and innovation to the drumset, and helped propel the music of Jimi Hendrix to the proficient, psychedelic, and timeless status it holds today. In addition to performing shows, Mike is a persistent student of the drums, focused on learning new techniques, while creating his own original music with fellow bandmates. He recently authored his first drum book, and looks forward to helping other drummers enhance their own skills.

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